Live in Hope, Focus on Healing!

Author Kellie Alderton has been successfully living with MS for over twenty-eight years. Today she is healthy and thriving by following holistic protocols. Alderton’s desire is to offer inspiration and hope to others. She is a healthy-living expert, MS activist, motivational speaker, author, wife, and mother. She lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband and two children.

Kellie’s book “Waking Up From MS – My Journey to Health, Healing, and Living Symptom Free!” shares all her ideas, not only about MS, but how to heal the body as a whole. It details her journey from diagnosis to now living symptom free.

“I know there may be naysayers, people that will say I’m foolish for thinking we can be healthy and strong with MS, but we have far too much information and resources available that show us how to effectively live a healthy and productive life with MS.”

Kellie Alderton brings you her new weekly radio show Live in Hope, Focus on Healing! each Sunday at 3:30pm EST/15:30 international.  You can follow her blog on her website You can also follow her on twitter @kelliealderton or her Facebook page Waking Up From MS where she shares insights and information for everyone dealing with MS.

”I’m not a physician. I’m a human being who has dealt with Multiple Sclerosis and has said there must be a “BETTER WAY.” My heart truly hurts for others that are hurting from MS.”