Meet Host Tori Wompey

Tori is a wife, mother of two teenagers. She is a self-proclaimed crazy dog and cat lady. Tori lives in Colorado with her family and enjoys spending time her family and friends. She loves nature, especially the beauty of her home state.

Tori was diagnosed with MS in March of 2006. She did very well until January of 2014,  when her MS started to decline. Tori has a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Psychology and a Paralegal Certificate. She went to college on an athletic scholarship. Tori was a paralegal at the Denver District Attorney’s office for 23 years and is now medically retired. She was also a very active volunteer and athlete.

Tori currently works from home very part time for a disability lawyer affiliated with the Rocky Mountain MS Center. She has volunteered, organized, advocated and participated in numerous MS events. She is a guest author for a variety of MS blogs. She runs a Facebook group for anyone who needs positive support, especially those battling and fighting illness, disability or hardships in their lives.

Tori’s mission is to bring kindness, compassion and encouragement to others by sharing her own experiences with her show MS Girl ~You Know the One~. You don’t have to be a girl with MS to find information and inspiration from her show that airs the first Saturday of each month at 3:30pm EST.