Premiere of MS Champion with Host Chris Carter

Chris Carter is just 22 years old and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in February 2017. He was diagnosed after experiencing severe burning pain in his right leg, inflammation, balance issues, fatigue, vision loss, numbness, tingling and headaches. After an MRI determined the official diagnosis, he began a 3 day IV of Solu-medrol and 15 days of prednisone. He was later placed on the infusion treatment Tysabri.

“January, February & March is when my symptoms were beyond worse and unbearable, but since i’ve started my tysabri treatment it’s helped calm down a lot of my symptoms and I haven’t had an attack since i’ve been on it.”

Chris brings you his new radio MS Champion Sundays 7:00pm EST/19:00 international.  He is determined to finish college and accomplish his goals.

“I wish it wouldn’t have taken me getting this disease to realize how important an education is. I always look on the bright side of it that I’m able to function during good days when MS isn’t taking over my body. Couldn’t be more thankful for that.”