MS & Me Radio is excited to present a new show by our longtime trusted partner Modern Day MS.  The show host will be hosted by the founder of, Beth Prystowsky.



Beth is a mother, wife, yoga teacher and writer living in the Chicago suburbs.  When she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at 35, Beth and her family immediately went to Google to learn about the disease and everything they found was very depressing and scary. She was told that this is a “good time” to be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis because there is a ton of research, new medications and treatments that hopefully will cure the disease in our lifetime.

Beth decided to start Modern Day MS as a positive, current, informative and safe place to learn about the disease and provide hope to those scared, discouraged or frustrated. It has led to incredible relationships, stories and support for her and many others around the world.

In her premiere episode airing on Saturday at 5:00pmEST/17:00 international, Beth shares her personal MS story.