For 25 years, I was a professional performing artist until:

My Story Begins….with the birth of my son Darios.  Six weeks after my son was born, I was feeling unusual weakness in my legs and I also had very low energy.  At first, I blamed it on the epidural that I received during labor, but weeks turned into months and more questions began to form in my brain.  I went to my homeopathic  Doctor for answers and she sent me for a Western Blot Lyme test and it came back positive for the Lyme infection.  She put me on a regimen of antibiotics for about 6 weeks to no avail.  She suggested that I see a Lyme Specialist, which I did.  This venture was an ALL-CASH treatment.  Three months of Higher Powered Antibiotic therapy and still,  I felt NO relief and the weakness in my legs continued to worsen along with my energy.  The Doctor and I had a discussion after several months and the Lyme office suggested that I see a Neurologist.

Feeling utterly frustrated, tired,  weak and depressed, I saw a Neurologist.  The Doctor asked me on my first visit what I thought I had?  Well, I had done a bit of digging and found that MS shared a lot of the same symptoms as Lyme Disease so I told the Doc that I suspected that maybe it was MS?  He sent me in for an  MRI which came back inconclusive due to the fact that I had Lyme Disease that sometimes leaves scar tissue behind. However, the MRI picked up a very small amount of lesions on the brain and spine.   At that point, I was sent for a Spinal Tap.  After a week, it was concluded that I indeed had MS.

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