Living with MS, Certified Life Coach and Lifestyle Expert, Caroline Craven, takes on MS. How did you feel when you or your loved one was diagnosed with MS? Learning to thrive with MS is just one of the benefits of getting to know each other. Diagnosed over 14 years ago, I have learned a lot about how to live better with MS and chronic illness. You can too! My experiences include western medicine, abc shots, alternative, holistic, Chinese, Ayurveda and more.
Caroline is a highly active person on the multiple sclerosis global landscapes and is a an award-winning blogger and MS patient advocate.  This year Caroline’s “Girl With MS” blog was awarded the prestigious award-winning Internet web blog for 2017.
MS & Me is delighted to welcome Caroline to the MS & Me Radio Network and grateful for this wonderful interview and all the work she has done for MS patients around the globe.