Caroline Craven “Girl With MS” was traveling in Guatemala for a month with some friends in 2001. She says she had a backpack and no agenda. But during the trip, she started losing her vision and balance.

“By the time I came home on the plane, I looked like I had a three-martini breakfast,” Craven says. “I went to a neurologist and was confirmed Multiple Sclerosis in three tests. I was forced into an early retirement, moved back in with my parents, and my life changed forever.

Since then Caroline has become a light for countless patients and families coping with multiple sclerosis in their lives.  An award-winning blogger and patriot in the fight to end MS, Caroline interview’s Dr. Terry Wahls creator of The Wahls Protocol Diet. Dr. Wahls was the recent recipient of a grant from the US National Multiple Sclerosis Society to clinically examine her diet protocol a widely popular in the global multiple sclerosis.

Don’t miss this engaging interview as MS & Me Host Caroline Craven interviews Dr. Terry Wahls.