Premiere of Raspberry Lemonade: Let’s Talk

Shirley Merritt premieres her new radio show Sunday at 12:00pm EST/12:00 international.  She is the author of Turning Lemons into Raspberry Lemonade where she discusses her MS journey and “making the worst experiences the best ever”.

We hope you find both inspiration and strength from Shirley’s positive musings and unique humor.

Shirley A. Merritt earned a Bachelor’s Degree at Alabama A&M University in Normal, Alabama in Clothing and Merchandising. She is retired from a 24-year career in the Telecommunications Industry.

She is very active in the Multiple Sclerosis community as an Advocate. She has collected over $2300.00 in donations toward research for the MS Society as a participant in the MS Walk Atlanta 2015-2017.

She placed #57 in the top 100 for Atlanta in 2017. She enjoys reading, traveling, cooking, various genres of music, her pets and of course, writing. Shirley lives in Atlanta, Georgia.